Small spaces.

Sustainable planting.

Hydroponic grow walls.

GROW • Honor a Veteran

As unique as those who serve and protect, every community has individual needs and resources available. We work together to address them and create a plan to produce fresh fruit and vegetables year-round to be distributed in partnership with neighborhood outreach programs.

Greenhouse Farming $3,000

LEARN • Food for Children

More than simply giving food away, these programs mentor to young people on processes to grow clean organic food, self-sustainably and year-round. Children are more likely to try and enjoy whole foods with hands-on exposure to planting and harvesting which creates healthier life choices.

A Garden Grove $2,500

BUILD • Living to Lead

Local, corporate and civic leaders supporting projects that promote volunteerism and introduce their neighbors to richness of clean foods and provide resources to build neighborhood indoor and greenhouse gardens in rural and urban food deserts.

Corporate Responsibility $2,400

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